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Stock Vs. Custom Plans

"Stock plans" are completed designs, which may have similar criteria and layout that you're looking for.  These designs can be modified to reflect your personal preferences and exterior style to your liking.


Once the final preliminary is approved, we will then proceed towards construction documents.  When designing a home, we take into great consideration the efficiency of a design:  using even material lengths, footprint to lot size, sun direction, etc. Below is a description of what is included in your final plans

"Custom plans" are plans designed for you based on your preferences and goals.  Once we know what you're looking for, we'll produce a preliminary drawing.  This is an easy to read floor plan w/ interior room sizes, furniture placement, square footage, & rough 3D views of the exterior.

After we get the preliminary drawing exactly how you want it, we encourage you to get a ball park price from your contractor.  At this time we can make adjustments to the square footage to make sure your home will fit into your budget.

Included in final plans

*  Designed to meet I.R.C. / Wind speed design is included

*  Site Plan  (Property layout, building setbacks, location of house, drives, walks etc.)

*  Specifications  (A description of the quality of materials for your home)

*  Exterior Elevations  (View of front, rear, right, left and roof plan)

*  Floor Plan  (Wall layout, dimensions, opening schedules, cabinet elevations, etc.)

*  Structural Details  (Beam/lumber sizes, framing details, wind tie-downs, etc.)

*  Electrical Plan  (Location & count of fixtures, outlets, switches, etc.)

*  Foundation Plan (Formsetter, conventional slab, raised pier, piling, etc.)

*  6 Sets of Prints / PDF File  (24" x 36" / Flash Drive)

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